Veterinary Assistant

Lewis has worked at CCAH since 2017. He has a lifelong love of animals and very much enjoys getting to know and help care for the many animals we see here. He also has handyman skills so you might see him doing some maintenance around the clinic. Betsi is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix who has been working at CCAH since Lewis adopted her in August 2019.


Becky joined our team in 2022 but has been in the veterinary field since 2001. She has worked in humane societies with animal rescue, small animal veterinary hospitals with cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and other small pocket pets, and a veterinary emergency clinic. She has two dogs Daisy, an American Staffordshire mix, and Turbo, a Chihuahua mix, and a Comet Goldfish. In her free time she enjoys reading, baking, and collecting cookbooks.


Tamara joined our CCAH team back in July of 2022. She developed her passion for animal’s at a young age, fascinated by ocean life which grew into a love and appreciation for a wide variety of animals. Tamara got her start working in animal care at a local humane society where she learned many valuable skills over the years, not to mention her love of rescuing. During her down time Tamara enjoys spending time cuddling up with her five adorable kitty cats; Jinx, Kubo, Grimm, Cadence, and Barry who all love watching Netflix documentaries just as much as she does.


Office Manager/Tech

Alice joined our team in the April of 2019. She hails from Baltimore Maryland but has spent the past 16 years in Pittsburgh. Alice has over a decade of experience working with animals in the emergency department, cardiology department and at the Washington Area Humane Society.In her off time she enjoys spending time with her family and her farm animals. She also enjoys fostering for a local dog rescue. She graciously uses her talents to help our team with the smaller furkids.


Olivia joined our team in July 2022. She is a college student aspiring to be a veterinarian. She began working with animals in high school and knew this is what she wanted to spend her life doing. She has always loved animals, and wants to dedicate her life to helping them live a good quality life. She has one cat named Gemini. In her spare time, she likes to read, play video games, and be outdoors.